Friday, April 17, 2009

Off to the beach

I'm off to the beach with my family and our good friends. Since I've had the beach on the brain for the past few days, I came up with this little whale design.

Here is a little whale download for you. It is a sheet of whale tags - or you could use them for little lunch box notes.


PS. Please download these and use them for yourself..but please don't resell!


  1. Do you draw all these little designs by hand???

  2. Well, kinda. I create them in Adobe Illustrator. They are usually combinations of shapes.

  3. I was curious...that is how I did my little reindeer at Christmas time...except in Photoshop....but it was all squares, rectangles and circles cause I get so scared of using anything already made that I don't know the licensing on.

    They are cute :-)

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