Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Whales

I have posted a new notecard and gift tag set to the shop. If you liked the little whale tags that I posted before leaving for the beach, then you'll love this set! The set includes flat & folded notecards, gift tags, and an envelope.
This set would also make a great beach or pool themed invitation!


  1. Question - can your stuff be customized? For example, can you make the whales a different color? They are super cute, but pink doesn't work very well at our house... :)

  2. @Rebecca - yep, they are all customizable - what color do you want??

  3. Blue would be perfect - maybe a little darker than the water spray, but not quite royal blue...? I especially love the little tags & am always looking for something like that. Josh's family crest has a whale on it, so we love whales!