Friday, May 1, 2009

Shop is Open

It has been a rough week around here. My daughter, C, and I were both sick with colds. It was still my goal to get my etsy shop running by today -and I just squeaked in. I just listed my very first item in the shop!

I created this printable set because I needed a couple of "Thank You" gifts to give to friends. I created these with the A2 Stardream Sapphire Envelopes in mind from Paper Source. These envelopes were on sale (still are!) and I picked up a couple of packs. Once I got them, I got to work on creating a design to match.

I plan to post more items to my shop over the next week - so please check back!


  1. I love this site!! I printed my own invites for my daughter's birthday but so wish I had contacted you first!! You do really great work. How cool that you share your creativity with everyone, I'm definitely going to start printing some of your designs for gifts!

    An idea I came across this week was 'mom cards'. Basically business cards for moms to hand out when they meet other moms out and about and want to exchange info. Not sure if that's something you'd be interested in designing but an idea non the less.

    Another idea would be tags for labeling kids stuff for preschool and daycare.

    My daughter has allergies. I've seen a few websites that sell tags to warn caregivers about allergies but I haven't really liked them, oh and they cost $$.

    Thanks again for sharing your work!!